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Real Estate Investments

Our Lead Broker has been part of the some of the largest commercial transactions in Manhattan and Brooklyn in recent years. He has also led the acquisition, rehabilitation, re positioning and disposition of thousands of units in New York City and across the United States and can transfer those skills to your residential investment needs.   We will put that expertise and energy into your investment goals.  You will increase the flexibility and overall return on your real estate investment when you work with New Amsterdam Brokerage. Whether you're looking for a new investment property (one unit or several units) or looking to maximize the revenue on your existing real estate, we have deep experience in these activities and have worked with the most sophisticated institutional investors, private equity owners and astute individual investors.

Maximizing Property Value

With Real Estate values at their second peak, owners with older units are choosing to upgrade their units located in some of the most in-demand neighborhoods in the City as a means of maximizing their rental income dollar.  We work with a highly experienced, insured team of tradesman and professionals to upgrade your property  pursuant to your specifications and your budget which we can also produce all so you can add value to investment while getting a better shake on rents.

Investing In Your Property

Let us recommend the best enhancements and facilitate these changes to your property. We have extensive experience working with condominium and cooperative boards and their challenging alteration agreements, so we can ensure your property is renovated or aesthetically face lifted the way you want. Upgrading kitchens, bathrooms, flooring, paint and more will increase the value of your rental property. When you choose to sell, in a functioning market, your property will fetch more because the less the buyer has to do once they take residence, the higher price they'll pay today.