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Selling Real Estate

When it's time for you to move and sell your home, turn to New Amsterdam Brokerage to ensure the process goes smoothly and efficiently.  Our Brooklyn-based brokerage works with clients to make sure their home is its most appealing to interested buyers. We always make sure that the homes for sale are their most desirable to those prospective buyers who are willing to give you the biggest return for your investment.

Marketing Your Property

Making your property as appealing as possible starts with the optimal timing of your sale and the most effective marketing & placement of your listing to ensure it gets the most exposure possible to garner the most qualified bids in the most efficient timetable.  Our marketing solutions will create interest and invite competitive bidding for your property.  We build a relationship with our clients.  With us handling your property, you can rest easy knowing we will make every effort to ensure the sale of your home will bring the maximum return possible.

Customized Brokerage Services

Count on our team to keep your expectations in mind when selling your home. We will get to know your property, its location, its unique features and what your goals are, in order to target your return. Everything we learn is then customized into our services.  We work to build relationships so we can help you with future real estate decisions.

We believe that out sized fees are really equity that belongs to owners; therefore, we will negotiate fee structures when possible.  If your property needs a face lift, for instance a new bath or kitchen or floor refinishing/ repainting, then we will work with you so that you can take every dollar off the table when you finally exit your investment.   We have done this for clients in the past with good results and have a team of highly skilled, insured tradesman we work with to provide quality work efficiently so that we can get the property to market in the best shape possible while meeting your time line.